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Mobile Info Team volunteers, past and present, are coming together to walk 1000 km in one month.By taking on this challenge, our aim is to raise money to continue the important work of Mobile Info Team,  a group of committed volunteers supporting refugees in Greece with information and individual support on the asylum process and family reunification. Each volunteer will add to the overall target and will walk at least 5 km at a time. We will share updates on how far we have walked so far as well as pictures of where we have walked to.

Mobile Info Team has been in operation in Greece for over 3 years, relying on people donating to keep us working. We couldn’t have got here without you and help as many people as we have. We need your help now more than ever. Every day, people on the move arrive in Greece. They come tired and confused, having travelled a dangerous road to get here. They are looking for help to build a safe life for them and their family. Mobile Info Team is just one part of the help that refugees and asylum seekers need. Clothes, food and shelter are vital to protect people in the immediate aftermath of their arrival. But information and support to access your rights are sometimes more valuable in the long run.

You can be the change in the life of a refugee in Greece. Your support of Mobile Info Team means supporting refugees and asylum seekers in Greece directly. Every cent of your donation will go to supporting the continuity of our work. This includes training and housing volunteers, delivering info sessions and casework at camps as well as transport to and from the different locations we work at.

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Update 1

We have now walked 250 km! Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far! We have volunteers walking in Greece, the UK, Malta and Portugal!