In the last days there were a lot of rumours in different Facebook groups, that there will be a reform of the so called Dublin regulation. This reform is supposed to have a lot of positive changes for refugees, for example also a new Relocation program. Unfortunately it is not true, that this law will pass in the near future. On the 16th of November the European Parliament accepted in a vote a proposal to reform the so called Dublin regulation. But it is only a PROPOSAL and there will be a lot of negotiations between the European member states, to adjust this proposal. Also according to experts it is very unlikely that the European member states will agree to all this positive changes the Parliament suggested. The negotiations between the European Parliament and the European member states might take SEVERAL YEARS until they will be completed and the final law might not at all be that refugee friendly as the proposal of the Parliament.
The Dublin regulation determines the country in which an application for asylum is processed. At the moment, this mostly happens in the country where a refugee arrives first. The proposal of the European Parliament contains several suggestions to change this. For example a mechanism where a refugee under certain circumstances can be relocated to a different member state than the one he arrived to. But again, please keep in mind, that this was only a proposal that will change a lot through out the negotiations until several years from now it will became active legislation.