The Greek Dublin Unit is regularly publishing statistics, from how many family reunification requests are sent by Greece to other countries, to how many cases get accepted and how many transfers take place. We have compiled and translated these statistics. You can have a look at them here. In 2018, from the beginning of the year until the end of October, Greece sent more than 4300 family reunification requests to other European states. A little more than half of these requests have been accepted so far (2236).

Last year the acceptance rate for family reunification was much better: nearly three-quarters of all cases were accepted. The main reason for the decrease of total acceptances was due to a policy shift in Germany. In 2017, Germany still accepted more than 90% of cases, while the 2018 acceptance rate dropped to only 40%. Since the beginning of 2018, Germany received the vast majority of requests, with around 2000 requests, followed by the UK (630) and Sweden (386). Nearly 5000 people have been transferred this year, most (3227) of which went to Germany. For all the statistics, please press here.