If you want to apply for asylum on the Greek mainland, you first need to inform the Greek authorities about your wish to apply. One way to do this is through Skype. Depending on your language, you need to call a certain Skype ID on a certain day and time. The Skype timetable has now changed for Arabic and also slightly for Dari and Farsi speakers. Here you can find the new timetable for all languages.
For more information about how to apply through Skype, please have a look here.
Please keep in mind that it might take a long time until you are able to get registered through Skype, as the system is not working very effectively. We have heard of asylum seekers unsuccessfully trying to get through on Skype for weeks and months. Please check first with your lawyer or social worker if you really need to call Skype. If you don't have a lawyer or social worker, you can also contact us on Facebook.