The easiest way to avoid wrong information on your white card is to ensure that you give the Asylum Service correct information in the first place. So please double-check the information you provide at your pre-registration (this is the first time when you give your data to the Asylum Service) and insist that wrong data is corrected! If information on your white card is wrong, for example your name, birth date or nationality, you need to go to the responsible Regional Asylum Office to make an application to correct your data. But you need to provide proof that the information you give is correct. 

The easiest way is to provide a passport from your home country, whether it is still valid or not, an ID card from your home country, or a Greek birth certificate (this of course only applies for somebody born in Greece). You need to bring the original document; a picture or copy is not enough. Please keep in mind, that if you provide your passport to the Asylum Service, that it will then be kept at least for the time frame of your asylum procedure. If you don't have a passport or ID card, you can also provide an original birth or marriage certificate from your country of origin. But this document needs to validated and officially translated to Greek. Depending on your country of origin, there are different procedures for validating the document. For details, please get in contact with your lawyer or social worker if you have one. If you don't have any documents to prove that the data on your white card is not correct, it most likely will not be possible to change the information. In general if you are in doubt, please always contact a legal professional or feel free to get in contact with us.