If you apply for a travel document, background checks will first be carried out to see if you are allowed to receive the travel document. There are some main reasons why you will not be able to get a travel document including being convicted of a crime related to forging documents, the use of a fake passport or a passport that is not yours or if you have been convicted of smuggling or human trafficking. This means, if you tried to illegally leave the country with a fake passport and were caught by the police and convicted by a court, you will by law not be allowed a travel document.

The same applies if you were convicted of smuggling other people illegally in to Greece. Importantly, if you entered Greece illegally, this is not a reason to be refused a travel document. Unfortunately at the moment, the background checks to see if you are allowed to get a travel document are taking a long time to be processed. Currently it can take around 9 months or more to receive a decision about a travel document. For more information about travel documents, please click here.