We have already posted about this several times, but in the last weeks the Mobile Info Team has witnessed a number of people getting into a lot of trouble because they didn't have their white card with them. We can not stress enough the fact that it is absolutely essential that you have a legal identification document with you ALL THE TIME! This can for example be a white card if you are an asylum seeker, a police note ("kharti") if you are still trying to apply for asylum or your residence permit or travel document, when you are already granted asylum. In case you get controlled by the police and don't have your identification document with you, you might face big troubles. You might be arrested and perhaps not get a chance to prove soon that you are legally residing in Greece. Also more and more reports are reaching the Mobile Info Team, that in the Northeast of Greece the Greek police is pushing people back to Turkey if they find them without a white card or another identification document. We even heard of people getting pushed back to Turkey that were in possession of legal documents, but were too close to the border. To avoid all this, please ALWAYS carry your identification document with you and if possible try to avoid to get closer than 50 kilometers from the Turkish border.