We want to share with you the newest statistics of the Greek Asylum Service showing how likely it is for some nationalities to get asylum in Greece. Please keep in mind that everybody is allowed to apply for asylum. Your asylum decision will depend on the personal reasons why you fled your country of origin. While it should not depend on your nationality, different nationalities still have different chances of acceptance.

Till now, nearly every Syrian gets asylum status in Greece (99.6%). Palestinians also have a really high acceptance rate (95.7%). Approximately 3 out of 4 Iraqis are getting asylum in Greece (72.8%). Afghani nationals have an acceptance rate of 68.6% and Iranians 57.1%. For people from North Africa, the situation is quite different. Only 1 out of 9 Moroccans receives asylum (11.6%), and the acceptance rate for Egyptians is 6.7% and for Algerians 2.6%. Bangladeshi nationals are also not very likely to get asylum, with an acceptance rate of 3.6%. Likewise for Pakistanis, the situation is not really good. If 40 Pakistanis apply, in average 39 will be rejected and only 1 will get asylum (2.5%). Preparing for your interview can increase the chances of actually getting an asylum status. Contact us if you would like interview preparation. You can find this and other statistic here (only in English):