The full registration is the appointment you get after you got pre-registered on Skype. Its purpose is to register your asylum or family reunification claim and to get basic information about you and your case. It is very important that you go to this appointment and bring your pre-registration white cards with you. If you fail to do go on the day of the appointment or bring your pre-registration white card, you will have to restart the procedure and call Skype again.

If you have close family members in another European country, bring as much information about them as possible, like for example pictures of their asylum seeker cards or residence permit, their phone number and address. You might be eligible for family reunification. Also bring all documents to identify yourself and your family members that are with you in Greece like passports, marriage or birth certificates and family books.

Be prepared to answer questions about when you left your country of origin and when and how you came to Greece. Also they will require a short answer on why you were fleeing your home country. It is also important that you are able to answer questions about where and when you were born, how old your children are or when you were married. This is especially important, when you don't have documents proving your identity and family situation.