You may find yourself in many situations where you do not speak the language and are in need of a translator. For example, if you are at a hospital or police station and the staff there only speak Greek. Or if you have medical or legal documents in Greek or English that you want to understand. There is now a page called Tarjimly that can help you! "Tarjimly" provides instant and free translation for refugees and humanitarian aid workers. The only thing you need to do is to visit the Facebook page of "Tarjimly" ( and send a message to the page. When you go to send a message, you only have to click on "get started", then select the language you speak, select if you are a refugee or a humanitarian aid worker, and click on the language you need translation for. You will be connected to a translator in less than two minutes. You also have the possibility to make a call with the "Tarjimly" translator. After you are connected with the translator just select "call" from the menu. The call will be free for you. To ensure privacy all sessions with the translators are anonymous. The translator will only know your first name. If you want medical or legal documents to be translated by "Tarjimly", you should make a copy of the document and black out any personal information like your name and birth date, in order to protect your privacy and confidentiality. "Tarjimly" offers 16 languages, with translators available for Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Kurdish, Turkish, Greek, English, German, French, and Spanish, among others.