The Mobile Info Team has just been informed by the Greek Dublin Unit, that certain approved family reunification applicants can exceptionally book their ticket on their own expenses. That means that applicants who have received an approval for Germany in April or May 2017 and applicants who have received an approval for any other country than Germany in October and November 2017 can go to any travel agency they want and try to book their ticket. Please be aware, that the travel agency needs to get in contact with the Greek Dublin Unit as they would need to make arrangements to finalize the booking. We have written a letter in English which you can bring to the travel agency, where it is stated what the travel agency needs to do. You can find the letter here: 
You should bring to the travel agency you and your family’s asylum seeker cards and your approval document. Please also try to bring a translator with you, as the employees of the travel agency most likely will only speak English or Greek. Only pay for your ticket if it is clear that the Greek Dublin Unit has confirmed to the travel agency that you are allowed to fly. Applicants for other countries than Germany that have had their approval from October or the beginning of November should seriously consider paying for their tickets on their own. If your destination is not Germany it might cause troubles to pass the 6 month deadline from the approval date for transfer. Everybody else can choose, if he or she wants to pay for the ticket now or wait if you can get a ticket which is paid by the state later.