The Greek Dublin Unit has just announced that tickets for Dublin family reunification are now to be booked and paid by the Greek Asylum Service again! This means that from now on you can not book your tickets on your own any more. The Dublin Unit will get in contact with you via phone, as soon as you are on the list of applicants who are ready to travel. They will give you details of how you will receive your ticket and when your exact date of departure is. Because of this, it is essential that the Dublin Unit has a correct phone number for you. If you have changed your phone number, speak with your lawyer or social worker to make sure that your new phone number gets communicated to the Dublin Unit. A contract has been made with a new travel agency who will be responsible for booking the tickets. The Dublin Unit has stressed in its announcement that the travel agency will only communicate with the Dublin Unit. There will be no assistance from the travel agency for applicants, so please don't get in contact with the travel agency because they will not be able to speed up the process or respond to you.