Several weeks ago a "Caravan of Hope" was announced on social media. The organizers want a large number of asylum seekers and migrants to gather in April near the Northern Greek border and march together towards better living conditions in Northern Europe. The difficult situations that asylum seekers, refugees and migrants face in Greece make it understandable why many people are angry and want to act to get out of these difficult circumstances. We can’t advise you on what you should do but it is our aim to support people to make informed decisions about their life here in Greece, so we wish to share some information with you. It is impossible to predict what will happen if a large number of people approach the border. One thing is clear that the border will not simply open. The other European countries will want to avoid having another situation like the one we saw in 2015/2016 where large numbers of people moved freely across European borders (as you can see in the picture of our post). The European Union continues to spend a lot of money on border security in order to prevent illegal border crossings, making the journey dangerous and unpredictable. Also, if you leave your camp or accommodation, it is very likely that after a few days you will be deregistered. If this happens, you will not be able to return to your camp or accommodation and it will be very difficult to register in another place. Your asylum application is also in danger of being stopped if you miss any appointments or if the authorities find out that you left the country. Therefore, as we said before, we will not advise you what to do but we want you to be prepared with the correct information before putting you and your family into a potentially risky situation. We are not able to answer any requests about when and where the "Caravan of Hope" will take place, as we are not affiliated in any way with the organizers of this convey.