Case Work

This programme seeks to offer extended, personal assistance with individual asylum and family reunification applications. This is conducted in a culturally aware manner which avoids misunderstandings due to social norms or culture, due in large part to our translators, some of who have gone through asylum procedures themselves. They have been the driving force behind the close relationships MIT has developed with asylum seeker communities in Greece, and have placed us in a privileged position to offer asylum and family reunification assistance.

Our casework has provided guidance to hundreds of individuals and families applying for asylum and family reunification. It has also directly resulted in positive decisions for asylum and family reunification applications and assisted in avoiding extended processes, helping people to escape the stagnation of waiting in Greece and move forward with their lives.

This programme is delivered by trained caseworkers,  with extensive knowledge and experience with European asylum procedures.

 It consists of:

  • Personal meetings – trips to camps and housing to conduct private counselling sessions;
  • WhatsApp contact – assistance through WhatsApp voice messages, with near-daily responses six days a week, through translators and caseworkers;
  • Contact with, and referral to, asylum lawyers when necessary;
  • Contact with asylum services in European states to assist with access to application information and further actions required;