Casey - Casework



Bachelor’s in Political Science

Former TEFL volunteer with Peace Corps/Ukraine

Former Intern at immigrant shelter Annunciation House



What made you want to come to Greece to work with Refugees?

My passions have always been directed towards humanitarian work, and I also have a curiosity about the world that takes me to places that I believe will help me understand the bigger picture. I had worked with immigrants and refugees in the past in the southwestern United States, and knew that it was work that I wanted to continue. My desire to understand the world and to continue helping others is what brought me to Greece - in the midst of a crisis that has been going on for years, and that much of the world has largely forgotten or has become numb to, I find it necessary to contribute what I can, where I can.

How did you hear about Mobile Info Team and why did you choose this organization to work with?

When I was still teaching English in rural western Ukraine, I knew that my true passions were directed more towards humanitarian relief, not education. I started researching organizations that were assisting refugees in Greece and came across Mobile Info Team. The team’s dedication to information provision, a largely overlooked need of refugee populations, is what initially drew me in.

What is most challenging / difficult? What is most rewarding?

The biggest challenge is feeling like there is little to nothing you can do for a case because the laws or inefficiencies in the asylum system do not provide them the pathways needed to be with family. However, the most rewarding is when you see families able to be reunited.

How do you believe Mobile Info Team makes a difference?

Mobile Info Team fills the gaps left by lawyers, the asylum system, and other major actors providing such assistance. So many refugees who come to Greece do not understand their rights, the asylum process, and so on, and some even have trouble accessing their own lawyer. Our information provision helps put people at ease, not only because we respond to messages every day, but because we pride ourselves on accurate information for our clients to understand their situations as much as possible.