César  - Caseworker



Degree in Journalism

Former Writer at Argentinean TV News Channel CN23

Former Editor at Argentinean newspaper Clarín

Freelance reporter


What made you want to come to Greece to work with Refugees?

I felt the need to get actively involved in the refugee crisis and Greece is one of the hotspots of arrival, with the additional aggravation of being in the midst of an economic crisis. As small as a personal contribution may be, I believe that if we all commit ourselves to help, we can substantially improve the situation of many families.

How did you hear about Mobile Info Team and why did you choose this organization to work with?

I started to research the refugee crisis when I moved to Rome last year, and I read every morning about shipwrecks in the Mediterranean. I began to look for NGOs that work actively in the field and I found MIT. As a journalist, I am convinced that information is a key and valuable tool, so I did not hesitate to join the team of volunteers.

What is most challenging / difficult? What is most rewarding?

The biggest challenge is to find the most accurate way to communicate the message in this Tower of Babel, where we receive information in Greek, work in English, and answer in Arabic. On the other hand, our commitment to not create misconceptions or delusions leads us sometimes to communicate bad news during the process.

The most rewarding is the moment when I receive confirmation from the Greek authorities that one of my cases is on the flight list and they will be reunited with the rest of their family. Sharing that happiness with them is extremely comforting.

How do you believe Mobile Info Team makes a difference?

MIT works in a very professional way but at the same time does not neglect the human side. It not only offers clear and accurate information to asylum seekers, but accompanies them in times of anxiety and uncertainty.