Family Reunification Court Case Support


It all started when...

A German court decided in September 2017 that the family reunification transfer of a Syrian family who went to court, should take place at the latest 6 months after the date that the family reunification was approved. This is great news, because it is the first time that a court has ruled against the limitations of family reunification transfers. In this specific case, a Syrian minor residing in Germany went to court to get the German state to transfer his mother and minor siblings from Greece before the legally allowed 6 months and won. The German court ruled that family reunification applicants have the right to be transferred within this law-given time period and that the German authorities have to make it possible for this to happen. Pro Asyl, a significant German NGO who helped to build this court case is now requesting from the German Interior Ministry to finally end the illegal restriction of family reunification transfers. 


Since April of this year, the German Interior Ministry has limited family reunification transfers from Greece. This has led to significant delays for already approved family reunification applicants. This is against European law which states the above mentioned deadline of 6 months.


The pilot court case from September is a significant event and can affect many of the Mobile Info Team's clients.  With this in mind we have now dedicated one full time case worker to support and facilitate families to go to court with the same argumentation in Germany.  Our case worker is providing advice and guidance to families within the 6 month deadline, explaining the details of the case, and connecting families to appropriate and specialised legal representation in Germany.