Fiona - Caseworker



Master of Law


Intern at Swiss Representation at Council of Europe


Observer at HEKS (Swiss NGO providing Humanitarian Relief)

What made you want to come to Greece to work with Refugees? 

I wanted to come to Greece because I believe that we can all make a difference. If we all try to improve the world a tiny bit, then the sum of all of our efforts will lead to the change we wish to see. Coming to Greece is my effort to just that, by attempting to contribute to more solidarity in Europe. 

How did you hear about Mobile Info Team and why did you choose this organization to work with? 

I studied law, so coming to work for MIT for me is the perfect opportunity to see the differences between what we learned in our textbooks and what is actually happening. I learned about MIT and their work on the Northern Greece Facebook page and knew that I wanted to apply to work with them immediately.

What is most challenging/difficult? What is most rewarding? 

The most rewarding part is when you realize you made a difference for one family or person. To me one of the most frustrating and difficult parts is dealing with a system that, most of the time, does not correspond with my personal feeling of justice. Sometimes I simply cannot believe the things that I see and hear. 

How do you believe Mobile Info Team makes a difference? 

MIT gives people the opportunity to ask all of their questions. We try to help people understand what exactly is happening with them. We explain what the next step in the asylum process for someone will be, and whether everything is OK/normal or whether there really is something wrong with their file. In providing information, MIT empowers people to become active in and defend their cases if necessary.