Kash - Caseworker



Bachelors of Applied Social Science specializing in Management

Master of International Development

Masters thesis: English as a Lingua Franca in the ASEAN Region

Former volunteer at Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


What made you want to come to Greece to work with Refugees?

While the public eye is no longer focused on the refugee situation in Greece, I still see Greece as a country that is at the forefront of a global crisis.  The refugee population here is diverse, and each day I get to work with a huge range of clients and other volunteer teams on the ground.

How did you hear about Mobile Info Team and why did you choose this organization to work with?

I searched for an organisation to work with for almost 4 months, and MIT was one of the only teams I found that I felt had a clear training structure for their volunteers. The team is really supportive, and I have been able to commit to over 3 months so far with the team because the work is always changing and I am always learning.

What is most challenging/difficult? What is most rewarding?

It’s always hard to reconcile that you are one small person in a sea of people and problems, but I sleep very well at night knowing I am doing what I love and making a difference to people’s lives each day. Sometimes you just make someone smile or ease their anxiety a bit, and sometimes you contribute dramatically to their asylum process and help them to reunite with family.

How do you believe Mobile Info Team makes a difference?

We train our volunteers continually!  We debate, discuss, and inform each other every day. We are always learning and we are plugged in on the ground in the community.  We are professionals and we take our work seriously, but we also treat people like people.  We are honest, which hurts sometimes, but it is because of our honesty that we are trusted.