Meet The Team


Michael Kientzle Coordinator


  • Speaker at a Civil Society Forum, sponsored by Flemish Refugee Council and ECRE in Brussels, 2017
  • Participant in Advanced ELENA Course: Legal Avenues from Strengthening International Protection in Europe
  • Participant in course on accompanying refugees to their asylum interview, facilitated by Arrival Aid

 “I have been passionate about politics and international affairs my entire life. The desire to help refugees is what initially brought me to Greece, and this is still my motivation – to be there for people who urgently need support, and to be useful in providing them with essential information to get asylum or be reunited with family. It can be frustrating to witness the huge disparity between what Europe promises in Human Rights charters and conventions for the rights of refugees, and the realities we witness every day. However, here, at Mobile Info Team, we have the courage to fight for the rights our clients that face these realities, even when their lawyers have given up on them, and find success. The biggest reward is when we are able to celebrate a difficult case that finally, after much effort, has the ability to reunite with their family members, and knowing that this would not have happened without our help. I truly believe in our approach: that we want to sit and talk with people, be as available as possible, and make a real difference.”


Mariana Vareta Coordinator


  • Clinical Psychology degree by the Faculty of Psychology and Education Science of the University of Porto, Portugal
  • General Training in Journalism by CENJOR - Protocol Centre for Journalists' Professional Education
  • Refugee Response Training by RedR UK

“I started feeling drawn to Greece when I started seeing the news in the summer of 2015. It is one of those feelings of knowing you need to go somewhere…of knowing that sooner or later, you will end up there. I was always interested in humanitarian aid, and I had had previous experience volunteering in Mozambique and several projects in Portugal. In the first half of 2016, I found myself in Northern Greece, planning to be here for 2 months. I came for what I thought was going to be a very intensive, but short experience, but I quickly found out that I could not turn my back on these people and the situation. One month after I arrived, I was already starting this project. The lack of information had very direct, serious consequences, and the anxiety it created in people had devastating effects in their mental health. I believe we make the difference in the time we take to sit with refugees until they understand their situation fully …. because any news, whether good or bad, is better than uncertainty.”


Fabian Sloot  Coordinator


  • Master in Humanistic Counselling at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Refugee Response Training from RedR UK
  • Founder of social centers Blijvertje and De Valreep, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Founder and Secretary of the Mushkila Kabira Foundation, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Like many others, I came to Greece after seeing thousands of Syrian refugees arriving to the Greek Islands on little boats. The initial plan was to spend a month in a kitchen of some friends of mine, cooking and distributing food. Very soon it became clear that only providing food was not enough for me. I wanted to help these people to move on in their lives, as I could see how much they were stuck and what the uncertainty of waiting was doing to them. It has now been over a year and a half, and I am still in Greece. Starting The Mobile Info Team was the sensible response to the realization that I could not return home until I knew that these people had the prospect of a better life.”