Minor Stranded In Greece Alone Finally With Family Again


Hassan was a 17 year old minor when he was stranded alone in Greece. He got separated from the rest of his family while escaping Syria, and was trying to get reunified with his brother and uncle in Germany. Hassan was suffering a lot from the separation. On top of that, his reunification process was stuck in the mills of the system, lost in the chaos of (non-)communication between different German agencies. We made countless phone calls, facilitated communication, worked to convince and remind officials of the special vulnerability and rights of unaccompanied minors and their especially difficult situation in Greece. In the end, we were able to finally get his reunification approved. At the end of summer 2017, Hassan was able to travel to Germany and be with family again.

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Hassan’s Father: “I want everybody to know how difficult it was for my son in Greece, and that he was stuck there for such a long time, and that it only worked because of the help of the Mobile Info Team. Hassan is now settling up in Germany and he is so happy to be with his brother and uncle again. I really cannot express how grateful I am for what you have done for us!”

It is estimated that there are over 62,000 refugees and migrants still stranded in Greece. There are serious structural problems with the Greek administration regarding access to a fair and efficient asylum service. Furthermore, access to accurate, reliable, and up to date information is a huge challenge, making informed decisions in many cases extremely difficult. The Mobile Info Team provides up to date and reliable information on asylum procedures and individual case support to refugees with their family reunification and relocation applications. Mobile Info Team relies on donations to operate. By donating to Mobile Info Team, you support the empowerment of refugees in Greece with regard to their legal situation. You enable them to make informed decisions, reunite with their families, and move forward with their lives.


*Names of clients have been changed to respect their privacy