providing accurate information to refugees and ASylum seekers in Greece


Reliable information is sometimes more valuable than food or clothes. 

Greece has been overwhelmed by the ongoing refugee crisis. The asylum system has serious structural problems, which has lead to extremely long waiting times, that in turn cause immense anxiety and frustration. The situation is made even worse by the lack of accessible and accurate information: most refugees do not fully understand their options and the asylum procedures, with almost two-thirds of them wanting more information than they are currently receiving.

The gaps in information and legal assistance pave the way for unjust asylum processes and decisions, contributing to a generalized feeling of insecurity, uncertainty and hopelessness. This has devastating effects on the mental health of an already traumatized population, causing re-victimization and an exacerbation of the overall crisis. 

The Mobile Info Team aims to help fill in these gaps. We provide refugees with vital information, clarification and assistance during the full extent of their asylum procedure. We fight for their right to know and to make informed decisions. We empower them by giving them an overview of their rights, obligations and options, preventing them from taking unnecessary risks and giving them the ability to act with dignity.

*Since the making of this video Abdulhakim has been reunited with his family.

Mobile Info Team have been a crucial part of the grassroots response in the Greek refugee crisis, focusing on transparent information sharing and supporting refugees with their asylum procedure.
Heavily research driven, the team is incredibly reliable, professional and flexible, which makes them a key part of the capacity building and coordination mechanism in Greece.
— Ingrid Kantarova, Volunteer Coordination and NGO Liaison
Mobile Info Team is an incredible group of volunteers who are fulfilling a critical role in the asylum seeking process. Their dedicated team makes a direct impact in the lives of individuals and communities they support. They are well organized and have a commitment to quality and dignity. MIT is committed to continuously improving their operations to increase their impact on the asylum seeker situation in Europe.
— Kyra Capizzani, Campfire Innovation