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Information about renewing your Residence Permit

How can I find out when my residence permit expires?

If your asylum is granted in Greece, you will get a residence permit which is normally valid for three years. The date when the residence permit expires is written on the front side of your residence permit, right under your name. Here is a picture where the date of expiry is circled in red: 

When do I have to renew my residence permit?

A residence permits should be renewed at least two months before its expiry date. This is because it can take two months until a residence permit renewal is processed. So, if you apply for a residence permit renewal too late, then your residence permit might expire before it gets renewed. If you are found with an expired residence permit, this might cause you trouble with the police or other authorities.

Therefore, it is best to renew your residence permit as soon as possible. At the moment, everybody who has a residence permit which expires on or before 30th of September 2019 can make an application to renew it. The Asylum Service regularly announces which people can apply to renew their residence permit. Here you can find the latest announcement.

How can I renew my residence permit?

To renew your residence permit, you need to send an email to residencepermits@asylo.gov.gr

This email needs to contain two things: 

You can find more information in the guide. Please read the guide very carefully and comply with all the steps suggested in it! If you need help with the application or the mail look for help at a NGO near you or write us on Facebook.

How can I find out if my application for renewal was accepted?

The Asylum Service is regularly publishing lists of residence permits that have been renewed. You can find them here. The residence permits which have already been processed and renewed are listed by number. You can find the number of your residence permit on the top-right of the document. It always starts with a "P" and is followed by an 8-digit number. If you find your residence permit number in the list, you can go to your Regional Asylum Office and collect your renewed residence permit.