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How to book an appointment to apply for Asylum through Skype


Please be aware that this information applies only for asylum seekers on the mainland. The procedure how to apply for asylum on the greek islands is different!

How can I get an appointment to apply for Asylum in Greece?

Before you can actually apply for asylum in Greece, you have to let the Greek Asylum Service know, that you want to apply for asylum in Greece. Unfortunately you can not just go to their office. Normally the only way to let the Asylum Service know, is to call them via Skype and book an appointment to register your asylum claim.

I don't have Skype on my phone. How can I get it?

If you don't have Skype you can download it here and set up a personal Skype account. If you don't have the possibility to do that, you can also go to a community or social center near you. They might be able to help you calling Skype or set it up on your phone.

At What time can I call the Skype line of the Asylum Service?

According to your language, you have to call at a certain time slot to a certain Skype ID. First distinguish in which region you are in Greece. Then look for your language and find the dates and times you can call and the correct Skype ID to call. Please always check if the Skype account you call is the correct one, as there are sometimes several Skype accounts calling themselves "Asylum Service". You can check this by clicking on "view profile" and look for the Skype ID there and see if it matches. You can either download the most recent Skype time table here or have a look at the two pictures below:

Skype timetable for Greece

Skype timetable for Greece

Skype ID’s per language

Skype ID’s per language


ATTENTION: The Skype schedule is changing regularly. Make sure to check from time to time if it is still up to date!

I speak good English. Can I Just call the English Skype Line instead?

You most likely will only get an appointment on the English-language Skype line if English is your mother tongue, so it is not enough to speak very good English. If you call the Skype line, they will ask you your nationality and from that they will determine if it is likely that English is your mother tongue. If they suspect that English is not your mother tongue, it is very much possible that they will not process your call and will ask you to call the Skype line of your mother tongue instead.

What else is important to know about the Skype?

It is very important, that you are in a place with very good internet connection, because you will need to do a video call so the Asylum Service can make a picture of you. As already explained above, some NGOs or community centers offer help and support, in case you don't have the possibility to do this or if you need help with making the Skype call. If you can manage to get through to the Asylum Service on Skype, you will be asked some basic questions about your name, birthday and nationality. You will also get an appointment to apply at the regional office asylum office which is responsible for you.

I tried to get through so many times but i never SUCCEEDED. What can I do?

It is very challenging and requires a lot of luck to manage to book an appointment through Skype. It can sometimes take several months until you are able to get through. Unfortunately it is for the majority of asylum seekers the only way to apply for asylum. We would recommend you to make a log of all the Skype calls you did, by writing down the date and time whenever you are trying to call the Asylum Service on Skype. In case you might get trouble with the police because you don't have a legal stay paper, you can at least show that you were already unsuccessfully trying to apply for asylum for quite some time.