Support a Volunteer

Our team of volunteer caseworkers and translators are an amazing collection of caring and passionate people.  You may know one of them personally or you may feel a connection to their individual values.  Either way, we would love for you to consider sponsoring their time with The Mobile Info Team.

In order to ensure volunteers get sufficient training and refugees get a cohesive experience with us, we require every team member to commit for a minimum of three months. It’s a long stretch for someone to cover their own expenses, on top of working for free! In exchange for their time and dedication, MIT provides them with:

  • basic room and board
  • transportation to camps and other refugee accommodations
  • internet and phone calls with cases, lawyers, other NGOs and asylum offices, both in Greece and abroad.

10€ supports a volunteer for one day


By sponsoring a volunteer, you are contributing to help more than 300 cases, both individuals and families, that our caseworkers and translators work each day to inform, support, and advocate for. 

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