Tahir - Translator



BCs Bachelor in Computer Science

Translator with International Rescue Committee

Translator with Greek Council for Refugees

Translator with ARSIS

Translator with World Bank of America


How did you hear about Mobile Info Team and why did you choose this organization to work with?

I got connected with MIT through social media when they were looking for an interpreter to help the Urdu speaking community. At first I worked with them intermittently, and I got to know them over time. I did not realise how quickly time passed, and I became a permanent translator. This happened because of their good behavior, professionalism, team building, and management.

What is most challenging/difficult? What is most rewarding?

As a translator, every new case is more challenging than the previous one, because we meet people of different ages, from different places, etc., and someone’s whole story can be changed by translating one word wrong. Sometimes it is very difficult to make others understand the situation they are in.

How do you believe Mobile Info Team makes a difference?

The big difference we make is listening to the refugees’ complaints properly and visiting them where they are. We even connect with people over social media. This is really helpful when people are waiting for long periods of time to get their decisions from asylum services or skype appointments. We help them to not lose hope. We change their thoughts about the cruel worlds that they fled when we help people get positive results, because we were with them and helping them through their difficult circumstances.