"The situation wasn’t easy for me, but MIT helped me and took care of me."

-- Rania and her daughters together again



“I really cannot express how grateful I am for what Mobile Info Team has done for us!”


"I am very thankful for all members of the MIT, because they are helping cases just like me."


“Mobile Info Team, despite being a small group run by volunteers, has made a significant difference.”

Mobile Info Team have been a crucial part of the grassroots response in the Greek refugee crisis, focusing on transparent information sharing and supporting refugees with their asylum procedure.
Heavily research driven, the team is incredibly reliable, professional and flexible, which makes them a key part of the capacity building and coordination mechanism in Greece.
— Ingrid Kantarova, Volunteer Coordination and NGO Liaison

The Mobile Info Team is an incredible group of volunteers who are fulfilling a critical role in the asylum seeking process. Their dedicated team makes a direct impact in the lives of individuals and communities they support.
They are well organized and have a commitment to quality and dignity. Out of all the teams we have encountered, MIT is one of the most committed to continuously improving their operations to increase their impact on the asylum seeker situation in Europe.
— Kyra Capizzani, Campfire Innovation

I first heard about the Mobile Info Team in the summer of 2016 and I decided that I wanted to do a story about their work, so I followed them for about two weeks to see how they actually did it. What I saw was passion, perseverance and love for what they do. They connect with the people they work with in a way that I have only seen in a few volunteers. They not only provide information but are supportive to the people they work with, as they understand their vulnerability. Their deep knowledge of the complicated European asylum system keeps them up to speed with any development that may affect the people they work with. They have been working in hard and difficult conditions throughout their long term presence in Greece, without many means of assistance, which is proof that they are more than committed to what they do. They have decided to put their lives on hold in order to help those in need, yet they managed to create a small community of support without realising it. Due to my occupation I do not often endorse many teams publically, yet the Mobile Info Team is the one I will keep supporting as I have witnessed first-hand their passion.
— Marianna Karakoulaki, Journalist (@Faloulah)

I have been privileged to work alongside Mobile Info Team since its inception in March 2106. MIT took on an exceptionally challenging role in trying to meet an essential needs gap, by developing and providing credible information to help people stranded at the Idomeni Border. The team have since adapted to support people living in camps and urban settings across Greece, and have consistently adapted to respond to the ever changing possibilities and challenges that people here face. MIT are a dedicated team and work relentlessly to offer verified credible and accessible information for people. As well as being an invaluable source of universal information for refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and volunteer teams, they also work in a person-centred way (with the support of lawyers) to provide good quality information to people facing complex individual circumstances. Information is not always seen from the outside as a priority aid intervention, but for people here, acquiring quality knowledge and information amidst a sea of rumours, fear, stress and change is essential as a day to day issue, and this impacts significantly on their chances of a safer future. Like all aid in Greece, accessible information is limited in supply, MIT make a real difference with their contribution.
— Tracey Myers, InterVolve