The Mobile Info Team (MIT) aspires to support individuals caught in an inefficient and unjust European asylum system, where countries seem unwilling to meet their obligation to provide refuge.  We aim to improve refugees’ lives by providing them with vital information, clarification and assistance during the full extent of their asylum procedure. We fight for their rights and dignity in refuge, and try to find solutions to the issues they face along the way.

What sets MIT apart is our personal engagement with asylum seeking communities. We hold open information sessions, make home visits, talk over the phone, communicate through WhatsApp, and use social media to provide one-on-one assistance and general updates. This personal approach has resulted in the comprehensive delivery of reliable information, many successful asylum and family reunification applications, and has won us the trust and respect of the refugee community.

As part of our continuing expansion, MIT aims to utilize its unique position to identify key issues, suggest viable solutions, and advocate for reform and improvement of asylum systems.



We believe that every asylum seeker has the right to be fully informed about their rights and options. This information should be communicated clearly, in their own language, and in a way that is understandable to them. We believe that asylum seekers have the right to access information regarding their claim at any time during the process, and to have someone ready to explain the procedures and steps involved, making the asylum procedure accessible, empowering and rights-based.

We believe this approach to asylum will benefit not only asylum seekers, but also local populations – who have acted in good faith, but have often been excluded from the search for solutions – and state authorities – who have failed to fully meet their obligations to provide timely refuge.

Short Term Vision: MIT seeks to contribute to informed asylum seeker communities, as well as to timely and fair results in asylum and family reunification applications.

Mid Term Vision: MIT aims to contribute to a growing awareness and confrontation of key issues faced by asylum seekers.

Long term Vision: MIT aspires to contribute to the reform of asylum systems, in order to avoid the replication of the circumstances which have necessitated its work.

Human beings have the right to life, security, and dignity, and asylum seekers must have access to a fair and efficient asylum procedure. This is the only acceptable response to persecution.