The Mobile Info Team (MIT), a project of the Mushkila Kabira Foundation, seeks to empower asylum seekers  caught in an inefficient, ineffective, and unjust system. Through information, we aim to improve the lives of asylum seekers, promote their rights and dignity in refuge, and find viable solutions to the issues they face.

What sets MIT apart is our personal engagement with asylum seeking communities.We hold open information sessions,  make personal visits, talk over the phone, work through WhatsApp, and use social media to provide one-on-one assistance and general updates. This personal approach has resulted in the comprehensive delivery of reliable information, successful asylum and family reunification applications, and has won us the refugee community’s trust and respect.

As part of our continuing expansion, MIT aims to utilize its unique position to identify key issues, suggest viable solutions, and advocate for reform and improvement of asylum systems.


MIT is a project of the Mushkila Kabira Foundation. The foundation provides legal backing for MIT, and can provide that same legal backing to projects and initiatives addressing pressing issues in their communities.

Mushkila Kabira is the English transliteration of an Arabic phrase meaning ‘big problem’. This is the phrase its founders heard when they began volunteering in Greece, and its the perfect way to introduce what sparked the creation of the Mobile Info Team itself.