Parents Together For The Birth of Their Child

Zania made the tough journey from Syria to Greece with her 3 children and a fourth child on the way, wanting so badly to be with her husband again in Germany before the baby came. Unfortunately, the process to be with family again can be quite lengthy, and Zania found herself as a lone mother stuck in Greece facing the possibility of bringing a new child into the world without her husband there. Mobile Info Team was there for her family reunification procedure every step of the way, and our efforts ultimately made it possible for Zania to have her family all together again before the baby came.  By calling different asylum offices and advocating on her behalf, Mobile Info Team helped prevent unnecessary time apart from Zania’s husband, and her children with their father.


If Zania had been left without anyone advocating on her behalf, she could very well still be waiting in Greece, and would most likely have to give birth to her new child here. Most cases travelling to Germany wait nearly ten months to travel to their families, 4 months longer than the law allows for.  With the help of Mobile Info Team, Zania traveled after just 5 months. In the autumn of 2017, the family was together again.

Zania: “Honestly, Mobile Info Team helped me a lot. I told them my story – that I was pregnant and in a very bad situation. The caseworker on my case was very good, and I want to thank her personally very much. She helped me with each stage of my file. There is a big difference between Mobile Info Team and the other organizations. I am very thankful for all members of the Mobile Info Team, because they are helping cases just like me.”

It is estimated that there are over 62,000 refugees and migrants still stranded in Greece. There are serious structural problems with the Greek administration regarding access to a fair and efficient asylum service. Furthermore, access to accurate, reliable, and up to date information is a huge challenge, making informed decisions in many cases extremely difficult. The Mobile Info Team provides up to date and reliable information on asylum procedures and individual case support to refugees with their family reunification and relocation applications. Mobile Info Team relies on donations to operate. By donating to Mobile Info Team, you support the empowerment of refugees in Greece with regard to their legal situation. You enable them to make informed decisions, reunite with their families, and move forward with their lives.


*Names of clients have been changed to respect their privacy