Accurate information for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece


Reliable information is sometimes more valuable than food or clothes

Mobile Info Team supports refugees and asylum seekers in Greece with vital information and assistance for the full duration of their asylum procedure. We fight for their right to know and to make informed decisions. We empower them by giving them an overview of their rights, obligations and options, preventing them from taking unnecessary risks and giving them the ability to act with dignity.

I want everybody to know how difficult it was for my son in Greece, and that he was stuck there for such a long time, and that it only worked because of the help of the Mobile Info Team. Hassan is now settling in Germany and he is so happy to be with his brother and uncle again. I really cannot express how grateful I am for what you have done for us!
— Hassan's father
Honestly, Mobile Info Team helped me a lot. I told them my story – that I was pregnant and in a very bad situation. The caseworker on my case was very good, and I want to thank her personally very much. She helped me with each stage of my file. I am very thankful for all members of the Mobile Info Team, because they are helping cases just like me.
— Zania

Our Impact


You can support refugees to build a safe life

Refugees and asylum seekers in Greece need you to stand by their side and support them to build a safe life.


Info Material for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Greece

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